Hunting Yields Big Game for Areas Businesses

By Jocelyn Janota Sexton

Right On Target

If you're lacking both dogs and birds, but still want to hunt, Central Texas Shooting Reserve Inc. in Beaukiss has you covered. Bluebonnet member and reserve owner/operator Oscar Albert Jr., established his hunting entertainment business in 1988 on a 300-acre shooting preserve. He schedules half-day hunts by appointment seven days a week from October 1 through March 31. The facilities include a 1,200 square-foot clubhouse with kitchen facilities that can be rented.

Albert says the Central Texas Shooting Reserve has some of the best quail, chukar and even pheasant (when it's not too hot) hunting in Texas. Hunters in parties from one to 12 shooters can sharpen their skills at the trapshooting range, or during a tower shoot, where pheasants are released and fly out of the top of the tower.

"The challenge is you do not know which way the pheasant will fly," Albert said. "So you need a quick eye and quick reflexes as you only have a few seconds to make your adjustment."

As with any bird hunting, dogs can make or break a true hunt. In face, Albert says the dogs can be even more important than the actual hunter because without the dogs, you can't find the birds.

"They are extremely valuable part of the hunt," he said. "For many of our hunters, the most enjoyable part is watching the dogs in action and testing their skills as they harvest the birds in the air."

Many hunters bring their own dogs to the reserve, but Albert can also provide highly trained dogs. The reserve also has excellent facilities and pastures complete with tubs of water, for training hunting dogs.

"Depending on your dog training requirements, we can place quail, chukars and/or pheasants in one of our many fields," Albert said. "Or we will put the game birds in a cage and strategically place them as dog training progresses. With our regular hunts, you tell us how many birds to release for your party and everything is paid for except the dog and handler fees, if needed, and packaging of your birds.

Overall, hunting is more that a positive economic force. It provides a healthy escape by offering relaxation and quality time with family and friends. Whether sitting in a deer blind or walking across a pasture, hunting provides a fun setting where people re-connect with nature and each other.

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